• What is PhiLance?

It is an open-source software platform bringing together community organizations that post projects, donors that sponsor those projects and individuals who work on those projects to provide temporary employment to people in low-income communities. It is thus a crowdfunding-based jobs platform for people in disinvested communities.

  • Why have PhiLance?

Over 1 billion people live in urban slums on $1.25 a day. Over 30 million Americans live in inner city neighborhoods representing about a quarter of US poverty. People living in these neighborhoods lack good jobs or education, face higher crime rates, and have poorer health outcomes.

We can all agree that this is an unacceptable situation. So, what can be done? One approach, called workforce development, is to train these people for the types of jobs available in the marketplace. PhiLance is trying a different approach. We want the people living in these communities and the organizations serving these communities to create their own jobs, jobs that will match the skills of the people living there and benefit the entire community. But who pays for these jobs? We believe that Governments, corporations and philanthropists should pay these people to work on community development projects and lift themselves out of poverty.

  • How does PhiLance work?
    • A community member or organization such as a nonprofit or NGO¬† posts a ‘project’ on Philance.
    • Other community members sign up to work on that project in exchange for payment at an hourly or fixed rate.
    • The project gets funded through crowdfunding from local and national businesses, foundations, philanthropists and government agencies.
    • The PhiLance platform provides task management and collaboration¬† tools to facilitate collaboration among the project team members during execution of the project.
    • The transparency of platform allows anyone to check on the status of the projects being executed and assess the social impact of those projects.
  • What are some features of the PhiLance platform?
    • Ability to sign up on the platform as a volunteer or a freelancer
    • Ability to post projects
    • Crowdfunding
    • Project/task management
    • Payment processing
    • Analytics
  • Who owns the software behind the PhiLance platform?

The PhiLance platform is open-source software. Here is the link to the open source project for PhiLance on GitHub. Please consider contributing to the development of this platform if you have software design and development skills.

  • How do I get involved with this project and its mission?

Reach out to us at info@philance.org.