Our mission and vision


Reduce poverty and unemployment in distressed neighborhoods using the power of community


Create an open-source software platform that facilitates communication between community advocates and private and public organizations so they can work together to create and fund jobs for people in distressed neighborhoods.

Problem Statement and Solution

Over 30 million Americans live in inner city neighborhoods representing about a quarter of US poverty. About a billion people live in urban slums around the world. People living in these neighborhoods lack good jobs or education, face higher crime rates, and have poorer health outcomes. Philance’s solution is to create a socially-funded jobs platform that would bring together various stakeholders in the community in support of economic development in such neighborhoods. People from the community would post community development projects on the platform, recruit workers from the same community to work on those projects and obtain funding for the projects by crowdfunding from donors including local and national businesses, foundations, philanthropists and government. This would lead to influx of funds into the community along with added bonus of completion of community development projects through labor provided by the previously unemployed members of the community.

PhiLance Stakeholders: Roles and Value Propositions


Social Impact of PhiLance

  • Reduction in unemployment in poor, impoverished communities
  • Reduction in poverty in impoverished neighborhoods
  • Completion of community development projects