Welcome to PhiLance, a socially-funded freelance platform for people in distressed communities.

Our mission is to reduce poverty and unemployment in distressed neighborhoods using the power of community.

PhiLance’s Vision

Over 30 million Americans live in inner-city neighborhoods representing about 16% of US unemployment, 22% of US poverty and 32% of US minority poverty. Outside the US, about a billion people live in urban slums on about $2/day. We believe that providing living-wage paying jobs to people living in such distressed and disinvested neighborhoods can help them lift themselves out of poverty and despair.

PhiLance is creating an open-source software platform bringing together organizations that post projects on the platform thereby creating employment opportunities, people who work on those projects as freelancers for a living wage, and people & institutions who sponsor those projects providing income to the workers. This will be the first of its kind crowdfunded jobs platform for people in poor communities as shown in the figure below.

We would love to get your feedback so if you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out to us at info@philance.org. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our mission and vision

Mission Reduce poverty and unemployment in distressed neighborhoods using the power of community Vision Create an open-source software platform that facilitates communication between community advocates and private and public organizations so they can work together to create and fund jobs for people in distressed neighborhoods. Problem Statement and Solution Over 30 million Americans live in …